What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the art of adding colour and texture to information. Showing the information as it already, is doesn't impress anyone. It isn’t eye catching and it certainly doesn't connect with anyone. Why would the buyer be interested in content that doesn’t appeal to them, a content that produces no reaction to your page? Going for a neutral route doesn't accomplish much if the goal is to interest people. But if the same neutral slab is modelled and sculpted to have some personality, it invokes reaction and generates interest.

Why a company needs content writers?

If you’re looking for someone to handle your content while you focus on your business, you’ve come to the ‘write’ place. Xandora offers you skilled content writers who aim at uplifting your brand with exclusive and authentic subject matter. Fresh content leads to better reach. A content writer brings a new perspective. A content writer informs, educates and engages the reader. We are here to save your time. We will give you the high quality content that your brand deserves.

Our Skills

While it’s important for our content writers to have a flair in the written world, writers at Xandora also showcase various important skills like the ability for research. In addition to that, we are extremely versatile. We easily adapt to new tone and style of writing so that your content never falls flat. Furthermore, we promise you not only authentic but also a carefully crafted subject matter to flourish your brand. The ability of writing exceptional content along with meeting our deadlines is the cherry on top of our cake.

What We Do

An exceptional content can make a vast difference to your business. Ranging from the content you display on your websites to your social media captions. We can write articles for blogs that provide in depth analysis and frame your brochures. We can cover even small things like automated emails. We are adept at writing articles and are willing to proofread all your subject matter. These are just some examples of numerous domains we write for. Our primary focus is to write content which is captivating to your readers.

Article by Richank

A good writer should present information such that the reader understands it. Using complicated language makes you a weak writer if the meaning gets lost with it. It can't be too long and tedious, or interest would wane off. However, the presentation of it should also have some personality. Each sentence should be framed beautifully. Personality conveys the feeling behind the information. It allows the audience to feel what the writer felt as it was written down. And that's what differs content from plain text.

Article by Gargi

Often times in life it’s easy to feel lost and confused. With so much happening in the world around us it may feel like you’ve lost your spark and it’s impossible to find a way. However, we get to keep our heads up high and breathe deeply. We have the ability to recall that it’s never as bad as it may appear. We live in a world with infinite positive alternatives and possibilities. We get to credence in the power of our dreams and trust our path. Then with passion in our hearts we are able to watch as our visions of love and courage unfold into reality.

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