Multi-Files Converter

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A desktop application for Windows with various conversion services such as Word to PDF and vice versa along with JPG to PNG conversion and vice versa and also converts JPG to PDF . The application now has more than 7k+ downloads on the Microsoft store.

  • Category Productivity
  • Date July '19 - Present

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"I was looking for a quick fix to convert PDF's and DOC's. Came across Convert+ an easy program to convert your files. If you need to type and create forms and don't want to go through the hassle of typing it all out and copy and paste; then this program is for you."

by Lou - United States
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"VERY CONVENIENT!!! I was stuck and the converters I had tried only came out of the blank pages. Thank you!! I have yet to test the three conversions but I am satisfied with those ranging from word document to PDF and vice versa!"

by Utilisateur - France

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